Digital Active Noise Reduction Double Hearing Protector (DANR DHP)
DANR Base Headset (P/N 05-005001)
Rechargeable Battery (P/N 05-005023)
Custom DANR Earplugs (P/N 05-021001)

The DANR DHP provides world class hearing protection for noise environments up to and exceeding 140dB. The system utilizes a circumaural hearing protection headset (with detachable battery and integrated processor electronics) and our most capable broadband digital active noise reduction (DANR) custom communication earplugs providing three levels of hearing protection. The product is available as a hearing protector, and as a communications headset for various radio interfaces. This product meets the highest performance requirements of the U.S. Navy and Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) prime contractor, Lockheed Martin. This system and its accessories are CE marked.


  • The Digital Active Noise Reduction (DANR) provides broadband active attenuation in addition to the passive attenuation provided by the custom earplugs and headset; the active portion alone offers more than twice the allowable ambient noise exposure than existing passive protection.
  • Patented DANR provides superior active noise reduction in a broad frequency range, which is critical to preventing hearing loss and temporary threshold shifts, as well as receiving intelligible communications.
  • Ear impressions required at time of purchase; product delivery 42 days after receipt of ear impressions.
  • Comes with long-lasting rechargeable battery.
  • Compliant with MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-464, etc.


  • Active and passive equivalent NRR rating of 36 dB(A).
  • Double passive hearing protection.
  • Includes patented in-ear DANR for additional noise reduction.
  • Advanced digital signal processing approach to active noise reduction.
  • Functional in noise fields exceeding 140 dB(A).
  • Replaceable custom-molded DANR earplugs provide digital active noise reduction within the ear canal.
  • The DANR DHP headset can be separated from the custom molded DANR earplugs and shared across all users with DANR earplugs.


  • A field upgradeable digital noise-canceling microphone (with or without muzzle) is optional for effective radio communications in noise fields up to 140 dB(A).
  • Can be used with our HGU-95/P Series Flight Deck Cranial for head protection.
  • Compatible with the HGU-25/P Series Legacy Cranial.