CTE30X plugs



 apc 2g

 29 EPA NRR Label - CTE30X

CTE30X Custom Solid Coiled, Tethered Earplugs
(P/N 05-001003)

Aegisound's CTE30X Custom Solid Coiled Tethered Earplugs are state-of-the-art custom molded hearing protectors for individuals working in extreme noise environments.
CTE30X earplugs separate and clip into the cups of Aegisound's DC2 circumural hearing protectors to reduce FOD hazards for an integraded double hearing protection system. Using deep ear impressions of the user's ear, Aegisound manufactures custom earplugs that offer a blend between comfort and extreme noise attenuation. 



  • Digital manufacturing process provides consistent and reliable earplug fitment for superior protection to help prevent hearing loss.
  • Resistant to a wide variety of chemical exposures including jet fuel, salt-fog, fungus, hydraulic fluid and other military specified chemicals.
  • Digitally stored ear impressions and replacement custom earplugs do not require new impressions.


  • Custom molded earplugs provide reliable comfort and consistant fit.
  • Replacement earplugs do not require new ear impressions.
  • Fully digital manufacturing process creates reliable and repeatable fit and simple reordering process.
  • Easy to clean using soap and water.


  • Fully compatible with Aegisound's DC2 Hearing Protector and APC-2G head protection.
  • Can be integrated with most commercially available flight deck cranial helmets (HGU-25P and HGU-95P) for use as a double hearing protection system.